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After the understeer that I experienced at that autocross, plus the wear pattern on my front tires, I'm convinced I need more negative camber in the front.

The 335i is heavy and has a lot of power. It reminds me (but nowhere near as bad) of when I used to watch Fox body Mustangs autocross in the early '90's. Heavy car, lots of power, crude suspension and terrible weight distribution F-R. These guys would always end up plowing right off the edge of the corners, front tires turned all the way to the right/left, car going straight ahead.

335i is not as bad due to sophisticated suspension and good weight distribution. But the combination of soft springs and small sway bars (intended for the run flats that I'm not running) makes it roll too much, and then the understeer sets in.

My front tires are nearly $600 for a set and have plenty of tread life left in the center but are quite worn on the shoulder. I had noticed this wear when I bought the car (I guess the PO was an enthusiastic driver too). The wear got worse after the autocross.

So I'm going to take care of the alignment issue first before I run any more events. I might even do M3 front control arms. I'd rather spend $$$ on that than on front tires at half their tread life because they're corded on the shoulder.

Here's my tire/wheel config:

FR: 8.5J x 19 ET 40 / 235/35R-19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
RR: 9.5J x 19 ET 45 / 265/25R-19 Michelin Pilot SuperSport

BTW, wear pattern looks good on the rear.

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