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OP, maybe you can try making your own cast of the reflector in clear or with resin already tinted. It isn't too hard to do and if you're planning on doing other people's lights, then even better since making the mold is half the work and most of the cost

Bought everything at Tap Plastic since they're down the road from me. Paid $100, but have enough to do 4 to 8 molds depending how close you wanna cut it and a ton of castings. This was for my other car (Ford). I made a mold of the orange reflector and then casted it in clear. It was actually a pretty fun project to do.

Basically, I made a box big enough to hold the reflector and mould. I press clay on the bottem of the box, put my reflector on top of the clay and seal around the reflector with the clay to form one side of the mould. I then pour the mix for the mould on top of the reflector. Let it completely set for a day or so....forget how long. Once set, I remove the clay from the other side and rebuild the box if needed. And then make a moulding of the other half of the reflector.

Once both halves of the mould is done, I fill up a half of the mould with my clear cast mix and enclose it with the other half. Let it set and now I have clear reflectors.

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