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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Yea a woman's body is her own but the baby in her isn't, like I said if she wants an abortion do it as early as possible...and uhh who wouldn't have they're daughter have an abortion if she was raped regardless if the guy was black? Are you trying to say I'm racist? lol I'm Iranian, my mind isn't closed off to just America and what Iran has in store needs to be taken care of, all islamic/arab countries in the mid east are messed up, I've been there I know, you argue with me about that once you've been there. OHHH my favorite "pull the troops out!" okey why didn't your obama do it in the past 4 years like he said he would? And it's their choice if they want to go to war or not, they have a calling as cheesy as that sounds I've had friends who said they have a calling to go serve their country so "keep your feelings to yourself and stfu"
The youth of this country... We are doomed, don't go breaking your tv koskesh :-)
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