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Originally Posted by ibeaver View Post
just to point out to some of you, in the "old" days, the world loved the US.... and life was pretty damn good in the US. Now a days, most of the world hates the US and what it stands for (lies bullshit lies) and life in the US could be better. Atleast its what I understand from a lot of what is written on the 9 pages I just read.

so who you wanna vote for? Since most people here don't ever read any news from outside their own borders, I will just point out, most of the world is not considering Romney as bringing back the prosperity days of old.... so whats better?

Its the bottom line, when the world is envious of the US, there is prosperity. When they are not... you figure it out. Its business at its most basic form.

And where the hell is Tarzana CA? sounds like africa to me....
Screw the world man, we ll nuke em all! We are America, we bomb yo ass cause we have cowboys as presidents. Tarzana ca is where most Persian live, I know cause I am half Persian.

Btw, Romney will win because Redskins lost to the panthers... You ask why? Well, for many years when the skins lose on election Sudnay let the tea party crew dance in the streets :-)
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