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Originally Posted by 401FlaGATOR View Post
I sympathize with you but I would make the case that Obama is much more extreme in his ideology than Romney. Romney has shown he can be a true uniter, he was the Governor of a state with 80% majority Dem control and he still got things done. This president has been hyperpartisan; "elections have consequences" and so forth. In closing:

Keep in mind that Romney screwed up and left his job with his approval numbers in the 30's. he left the job because he knew he couldn't get re-elected.
And i dont call vetoing 800 bills "cooperation".

It's funny that you say the president has been partisan. The president has had more crap thrown at him than any president in history. And how is "elections have consequences" different than Bush II saying that he has a mandate after being voted in a second time? Cause I bet you were cheering when Bush made that statement.