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Another VRSF product! VRSF 5" Intercooler!

I was lucky enough to be one of the firsts when it comes to testing the VRSF 5" intercooler. It is still in its testing and fitment phase as far as i know. Let me give you my quick observations..


I am in NO WAY a technical critic and don't have logs as yet. What I can tell you is that my Cobb stage 2+ over the past month has driven flawlessly with the 5" installed. I have driven in temps as high as almost 90 degrees when it was first installed, not a hiccup.


This is the biggest draw to the 5" in my opinion. The forum has talked extensively about the efficiency between the 5" and the 7" for cooling. Even Tiago will tell you that if its 100% about performance, get the 7" and save yourself the desire to upgrade later. If its about ease of installation that is 100% reversible (say you lease) or are not a hardcore modder, the 5" may be for you.

I will tell you that the biggest advantage that I noticed with the 5" is the EASE of install. It is clean and appears almost stock unless you pay attention. We spent maybe a total of an hour installing it, but mind you we were checking for fitment, clearances, and just fine tuning the design as we fit it onto my e90.

I also included a few pictures. (excuse the poor quality I had a my iphone 3gs while waiting for my 5 to come in.)

I currently have VRSF catless DP's, the 5" IC, and will probably have the exhaust at some point when I get time to drive up to his shop again. This is my third trip to the VRSF shop and I have read all the talk about VRSF and the quality of products because of where they are manufactured. (The same place as everyones iphones and iPads etc) They are good products that Tiago puts lot of time and energy into, and then includes a warranty on the product. Him and I have talked about the 5" IC for months now, and as far as I know, we are right around the corner from another quality product from him. These items aren't just slapped together with no R&D and then thrown on our cars.

I say Kudos to Tiago and team for providing products for our cars. In my experience, he is car enthusiast that happens to also make products available to the public. Just because we own these cars does not mean we need to pay the BMW tax on aftermarket products. Can you put a price on the service at VRSF? I would regard it as excellent, how much is that worth?


ps. Washed the car, installed my Euro bumper today, and cleaned the M355's. I added a few extra pics
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