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Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post
The subaru guys had a problem running lean. I guess it all depends on how much gas your injectors can squirt out. They have to max out there duty cycle at some point. Especially with a procede ontop of that. But I have no idea if you can max out direct injection or not. But running lean is and should be one of your number one concerns no matter what type of ecu or piggy back you have. Lean is no laughing matter.
So if the CO2 system can get the IC to say 15 degrees F and the denser air makes it run lean...........what happens to the guys up north that run their cars in -20 degree F temperature. Their cars must be really really lean huh.

There's so much BS information in this thread I swear I lost 10 points off my IQ just by reading it.
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