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another p30ff thread, COBB stg1

FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Marv.

So while heading out to MIR's Import vs domestic race today, i went to accelerate out of a toll booth only to find no power. then after flooring it a few more times got a p30ff. my buddy pulled the AP out of the glove and we proceded to start investigating. I figured we had an hour or so of driving to figure it out. So we cleared the code and started monitoring data. Strangly enough it would build around 8 psi and then start tapering back down to 0. It would only set the p30ff if i went above 5k. even with a 5/6 roll on i used to hit 12 psi around 3k.

So we did a few datalogs. Still not sure exactly what is going on. But the car runs really smooth. its has good 93 octane fuel. My maps with stg 1 agr. were pretty good. Today i was running the sport map just to see how different it was. I did try chaging maps and it makes no difference.

dunno what gear these were in though. but stg 1 spt. Also have a muffler delete and DCI. Does this look like a Boost control solenoid issue?
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