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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
First of all, thank you for such a well written and detailed response.

I really don't know much about guitars but that Epiphone looks great. I don't want to spend more than $200 on my first guitar so that's right in my price range. I definitely want to check it out in person.

I love all kinds of music. From country to rock. When I start, I don't expect to be able to rock out to anything such as Metallica. I'd love to be able to play some slower rock, pop and country songs. And obviously as I progress, I want to be able to play more difficult songs.

You think teaching yourself is the best way to start? I feel like I might be able to learn the basics on my own and then hire an instructor to help sharpen my skills.
The Epiphone sounds great, and i definitely recommend it. When you buy an acoustic guitar, remember to buy the following:

1)Strap (to go over shoulder so you can walk and play. I used to pace around and play the same riff until i got it right)
2)Some picks, i prefer the sharpest possible, some people use rounded ones, others use only their fingers, and even some weirdos use picks on each finger
3)Wax/spray/cleaner/towel (Its very soothing to clean your guitar, helps me calm down after a stressful day at school)
4)Guitar Stand
5)String Winder and extra set of strings (I prefer to change my own strings. Honestly a 30 minute job at the most )

Thats exactly what i did, but i wouldnt say its the best way to start.... I played on my own for a while, got a few guitars-for-dummies type books, and mixed in some of my music (heavy rock). Eventually i got an instructor, but i wasnt terribly interesting in what he had to teach. I kick myself now for not trying harder when it came to scales/chords. Very important basics, even with heavy rock music.

My goal of trying to emulate my favorite guitarist (Synyster Gates) was how i started off. I played in drop-d tuning just as much as standard tuning (drop-d is kind of a metal-style tuning). If money is tight, learn the basics on your own, and try your best with books/videos/forums. If you can afford it, having a guitar-instructor start you off right is probably the best bet. I wish i had a proper education. My instructor was... an interesting guy