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in my experience, there's two ways to approach this.

1.) you can memorize songs by looking at tabs and learning it that way. you can hire an instructor, watch videos, or teach yourself.

2.) you can study some music theory and understand chord structures, scales, and progressions. once you learn enough of this, you can listen to may songs and figure it out pretty easily (rhythm-wise if you are a beginner). songs revolve around big chunks of common progression or pattern of chords specific to its scale or family of chords.

i find the second option to be more rewarding just because once i have learned why things are the way they are i didn't have to look online to find chords as often.

once you get your guitar post on this thread or shoot me a PM and ill point you to a direction that i think will help you learn faster. i have a lot of things that i can share that i wish someone taught me instead of me spending years trying to figure things out myself.

go to a guitar store and try out a lot of them. get one that is comfortable to play and easy to handle.

things to watch for are the size of the fret compared to your hand and fingers and how high the action is (the strings from the fretboard).
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