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We all know the lovely status of my car right now just chillin at the shop

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Im pretty sure this can/will work please tell me otherwise and explain reasons to why not. this is just a proposal. i might test it out on my car when i get my turbos and when its back up and running. but in the meantime just wanted to throw this out there.

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I have already done this mod and the only reason I have not shown it or reported about it is my car is in the shop with an electrical problem. But the mod works well. I need more data before I can report definitive results here but my initially review is that it works flawlessly. Will post results soon...I hope.

Mine is after the heat exchanger which mimics the M3 setup. I also have a T-stat that opens at 180F to dovert flow to or away from the cooler when temps are over or under 180F. This allows for appropriate warming of the tranny fluid before the accesory cooler come into play.