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What to replace the Mini with?

Our Mini Cooper Auto needs to be changed, it's coming up for three years old and is in for MOT on Wednesday - I cannot remember the last time I have ever had to take a car for an MOT!

According to the dealer it's trade in value is about 2000 less than the amount owing on the 4 year PCP finance package so it will have to be VT'd, which I can do now. Question is what to replace it with? This was our second Mini Cooper Auto, my wife loves it but space wise it is useless. It's use will primarily be local journeys, by my daughter and wife, very occasional use by me but quite rare, it probably needs to be auto, but can get round this by giving my wife complete use of the 640d, as I have no need for it now as weekly transport - the train is cheaper and almost as quick for my 200 mile commute when I am in not at sea. It needs to have a big enough boot for my sons wheelchair, the Mini is crap in this regard, it fits but the rear seats need to be folded flat.

The options are to replace with another Mini Cooper, there are finally some decent finance deals with MIni, or to look at something different. Mini's are expensive though compared with the competition. Thoughts:

- Fiesta S
- new Peugeot 208
- Polo
- Audi A1 1.4 sport

Ay opinions?