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In a similar situation as I'm looking to change the wife's Ibiza.

The Fiesta will be a new model by the end of the year. This was the most comfortable car to sit in. However, the Auto will be a 1.6, and the Urban figures for fuel consumption are dreadful compared to the competition - 33mpg.
The Polo was unceremoniously thrown off the list for having seats similar in comfort to a scaffold board.

There are HUGE discounts to be had on a Corsa, if you can lower yourself (others discounted at 2k off a 15k car, Corsa 4k off a 16k car).

A lack of style and poor performance, but the Jazz is very versatile, if expensive (not on the Mini scale though) and little discount.

Our short list is another Ibiza or a Fabia, in 1.2 Turbo DSG guise.