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M3 strut brace


I'd like to get the M3 strut brace for my E90. I've looked around, and I see HP and ECS selling kits, both around $350. This seems rather steep to me.

I have a 20% discount at the local BMW dealer. I've done a rough sum of the parts for the bar, and this comes out to like $150. Surely, the screws cannot be another $200?

I'm wondering what screws I will need, because I think I read somewhere, that the ones for the M3 don't fit?

Copied from Alpina B3 Lux's thread:

• 51617900821 Ring, dome cross-brace, left
• 51617900822 Ring, dome cross-brace, right
• 51618044553 Strut brace (you need two of those)
• 51618045860 Mount for strut brace
• 51617891281 Covering cap (you need two of those)

These above parts I assume are OK, and I can get them for $150.

• 51618046445 Stud (two of those) *
• 51717898374 Stud (4 of those) *
• 07119904401 Hex bolt (2)
• 07146954965 ASA-Bolt with circlip (not needed, can be re-used from existing brace)
• 07146963730 Torx bolt (2)
• 51717895241 Hex nut (6)
• 31316769731 Self-locking collar nut (6)

Alpina says:
You will have to replace the items marked with an (*) as otherwise the brace will interfere with the microfilter assembly. Item 51618046445 can be replaced with two 07119904401 hex bolts.

Are the items with the star the only things that need to be replaced? Or is there anything else?

Do you have to do an alignment after you install the brace? Also, can you keep the retaining pins that hold the shocks in alignment in place, or do you have to remove them?


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