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Originally Posted by Carl Morris View Post
Question from an E90 XI guy who is fine with the stock ride height and stiffness but would like to reduce understeer. Does it makes sense to just get camber plates to make the front camber match the rears, and then if that's not enough go square tire width on the fronts? I'm currently running the factory staggered 162s and have thought about buying another set and running the wide ones in the summer on all 4 corners and the narrow ones in the winter if that's what it takes. Yes, I like the stock look. I'm not opposed to additional new suspension parts, but I don't know that any of that is necessary for what I want.
I'll give this a shot. Would give some consideration to upgrading the suspension at some point. It is the worst OEM susp on a german car I've ever driven. Night and day difference. I have driven 40 year old 2002's with better OEM susp. Plus eliminating the high front end 4x4 look (rake) will put a bit more weight on the front tires.

Short of that get a base alignment to see where you're at, then maybe consider going to zero toe front, less camber rear & less toe-in (but still some like 1/10th - 2/10ths degree total).

Also I am told you can remove the front alignment pin in the strut hat and get 0.5 deg more negative camber each side. I tried that the other day, some come out easy some require a bit more work. Mine was the latter and I did not have the time to take out the struts again. I would like to see -1.5 front -1 rear on my car with Koni/Eibach before winter just to try.

Anyway I guess these cars come with a a lot of rear camber vs fronts, this is not so good for putting down power in a straight line, and also makes the rears stick more than the front in corners.

My thoughts were with an AWD car you'd want same/less rear camber R vs F but closer to zero for straight line traction. I don't track or autocross this car so my needs are different.

Once you get the alignment sorted and see how much is there (or not) then play with wheels & tires etc. But then this is an AWD car so it will always tend to understeer more.