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Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
mmm 3 wheelin! Looking forward to this haha
You'll be doing it soon enough!

Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
Getting BC BR & had no idea there was a "extreme drop" option, what drop is regular vs extreme? I have 20's so I am assuming the regular would be good for me. I have H&R with stock shocks now (sucks badly!!) and it is a bit to low.
The extreme drop kit isnt really an option in aus..its more a US thing as they custom make it over there. They also dont usually ship into Australia since we already have a supplier for BC's here. The difference in the regular BR and extreme drop kit is just that the front springs are shorter and that i think they have shorter shocks.

Yeah i think the regular ones would suit you fine. Its just from what i saw, the fronts seem to sit above the stock tyres lol. I obviously want as low as possible so thats why i chose the extreme drop kit.

I was actually thinking of getting H&Rs while i figured out which coilovers to get..

Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
damn that's a short coilover and your car is sitting very low indeed!!

Did you use a spring compressor when changing the front coils? I found it tricky the first few times but you get quicker...

Looking forward to seeing what rims you have.

Also an OEM Xenon Headlight conversion wouldn't look too bad either
Hey Stu!

Lol yeah, its pretty damn short. That isnt the final height..I'll be adjusting it when i get wheels.

Hmm, i wasnt exactly changing the springs so i thought i wouldnt need to compress the front springs..But i did give it a shot and i still couldnt get the hub to drop enough so that the top hat clears the top. Thats why i had to remove everything all the DIY's i saw, people were able to get the shock out and have it outside of the guards..

Yeah, actually having a hard time finding wheels that i like

And yes, the xenon lights are on the cards..also i need to repaint the license plate area..previous owner drilled holes for their euro plates hate it!