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Originally Posted by 745nomore View Post
Within 3 days after signing my last lease, they pumped up the residuals from 50 to 62%. 3 days cost me about 10k over the life of the lease. I got a big run around from BMW, BMW financial and the dealer. Each blamed the other for not being able to address the situation. I was told months later that the dealer could have undone the contract and restarted, but too late now. At the end of the day, I was told "it's like buying a TV and then seeing it advertised for a lower price." Maybe it's sour grapes, but even HHGregg will guarantee price for 30 days. in any event, I decided at that point I'm done with BMW. They made it clear they couldn't care less that I'd been a loyal customer for ten years. So I'm done.
Thank you for using 'Couldn't care less' correctly. Drives me nuts when people say 'Could care less'.

Enjoy the Porsche!
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