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New winter tire sensitive traction control + disabling TPMS

Hi all,

Long time reader, first time poster. Bought a 2011 E92 w/ M-sport (18") package and just installed my snow tires - bought a down-size General Altimax Arctic package 225/45R17 from Tire Rack with rims. So today I drove them to work for the first time and noticed something odd. When on the highway (good quality road), when I accelerated from around 100kph-120kph (60-72mph), the traction control indicator started coming on. I had to consciously accelerate more lightly than normal to keep it from kicking in. Never had this problem with the stock 18" all-season RFT's. Is this normal? I know winters don't have the same traction, but at highway speeds to lose traction like that? It got me scratching my head. I wasn't *flooring* it to make this happen either.. Perhaps the new tires just need some time to 'break in'?

Second issue - this is a USA car imported to Canada. Is there any way to disable that TPMS light? My winter tires/rims don't have TPMS (it's not law here) so would be nice to not have that yellow dash light in my face all winter.