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I dont consider myself to be a hard-line Republican or ultra conservative. I don't agree with the conservative view on gays or birth control, for instance.

I do, however, believe very strongly that more government is a bad thing. I can't justify spending $1T establishing a bloated government system to oversee healthcare. The insurance companies need some regulation to prevent them from excluding people with preexisting conditions, no doubt. Private enterprise is the foundation of our economy. Competition is a good thing for the consumer. Handing over healthcare to the government is a bad idea, even if it didn't cost an astronomical amount.

I also don't agree with pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into failing social policies. Are there people with real disabilities that want to work but can't? Hell yes! People that work and make an effort but still can't make ends meet? Absolutely! They deserve our help. Are there people that pop out babies and sit on their butts watching TV for a living because they would rather sit back and take handouts than go make something of themselves? Damn right there are, and they're a cancer eating away at our society that don't deserve one penny of the money I work hard to earn.

Not to be rude, but I fail to understand how an educated person that has a job and earns their own living could ever vote for a candidate that will allow these things to go on without intervening.