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What kind of guitar style do you want to play? If you want to play pop songs for instance you'll be doing a lot of chords and if you want to go more classical then you'll be finger picking.

Get a guitar lesson book with pictures and learn the frets, basic chords, etc. Chords are pure memorization and muscle memory. For instance learn the G, C, D, E, F, A, and B chords and you can probably play most of the current pop songs. However learning scales such as the pentatonic scale will help immensely when you start learning more complex songs. Once you start getting into it learn how to construct and augment chords and the theory behind it.

Then the good thing about youtube is that there are literally thousands of guitar lessons and tutorials. Pick an easy song you want to learn and follow along. I had a few bookmarked on my old laptop but there are some really good acoustic guitar 101 classes on youtube that were probably 10x better than the private lessons I got in highschool.

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