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Originally Posted by brusk View Post
Out of the 30+ used cars I've owned (mostly japanese) never had any I considered unrealiable but have had some bad luck with a few.
87 Toyota MR2 Automatic GT (rare) trans went out at 55K miles a month after I bought it. Had it rebuilt a month later the engine blew up so I swapped it out and it ran with no issues for the next 4 years.
2000 Tundra trans started slipping at 58K miles.
97 Del Sol AC compressor went out at 37K miles dealer wouldn't fix it under warranty so I got pissed and traded it.

Surprisingly out of all the nice cars the most reliable was a 2004 Saturn SC1 with 85HP. Hated the car but beat the living crap out of that car for over 100K miles and other than using oil on a regular basis it was indestructible. Even ran it into several guard rails and 2 trees finally to create enough damage to total it out so I could claim my gap insurance to cover the extra costs of shady used car sales.
Insurance fraud anyone?
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