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Originally Posted by drevil2k2
Well, the dealer price would seem more than fair, which makes me wonder:

According to your info: 27475 wholesale and 30975 retail.

Maybe check Carfax, if there was an accident or related repair.Get service records to see if any major components were replaced (turbo, wastegate, HPFP).

Fairly high mileage for a 3 year old car ~42,000/per year; hopefully it's highway driven and not used for pizza delivery or real estate showings.

If the car is CPO with extended warranty (I think to 160000km), then take it or a spin and maybe get a good buy.

Good luck
Thanks for your input... Looks like ill have to check it out..

If the interior smells like pizza then well know it was a pizza delivery car! Aha

I kinda figured that the mileage is most likely highway because 42k a year is a lot. There's no way it could be city