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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
In the time of Reagan most women were house wives and just breaking away from traditional practices, dont forget wars strengthen employment as well.

Reagans times was compeltely different from our era
As far as I know, we are in many engagements around the world. One of Obama's most recent was Libya which is still a mess. And just because women were housewives then (which is not exactly true...many worked) doesn't address why 5 million fewer women are working today than when Obama took office. That doesn't address this tragedy at all. And what about the black unemployment rate skyrocketing to 15%? What about doubling the national debt?

And times were different under Reagan in that they were WORSE when he took office. That was my point. And he still managed to turn it around. Under Obama, not only have things not turned around, they have gotten WORSE. What the hell happened to America? Being successful use to be a worthy goal. Now if you make money you're an evil person. True greed is not wanting to keep the millions you have worked for and legally acquired, true greed is demanding that others give you something you did not earn.

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