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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
Wait wait wait.... get their act together? You think they are playing around? Some of these men and women are thousands of miles away from their loved ones and families working endless days and nights to help YOU out.

One of my personal friends from Louisiana is up there in NY working 16+ hr days right now to restore your power.

/end rant. Stay safe.
Not only this, but I'm not sure where anyone gets off saying anything's being mishandled or mismanaged. What the utilities are trying to do cleaning up after this is like saying the builders are inept for not repairing every house in the neighborhood in a week after it's rained hundred-pound anvils. There is no amount of infrastructure spending or upgrade that can protect electrical distribution equipment from being completely submerged. Especially in Manhattan, most of the infrastructure is buried in tunnels anyway. Pumping them out is only the easiest part.

There is literally no worse case scenario than your substation being flooded with salt water.

As for the gas, it won't matter. For one, the NA engines are, as has been mentioned, minimum 87 as per the manual. The manual even states that the level of pinging while running the engine hard on 87, while higher, will do nothing in the way of reducing engine life. Half your average lease returns will have been run on 87 for the duration of the lease anyway.

Turbo engines are definitively more octane-sensitive, but a tank of 87 wouldn't kill it, by any stretch. And we're not talking about turbo engines, here.