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My car is in the shop with an apparent electrical gremlin that is difficult to diagnose... but after 3 weeks it looks like we may have found the cuplrit. Unfortunately this electrical problem came about right after I got the cooler installed. This electrical problem is NOT RELATED to the AT cooler and a completely separate issue as the temp sensors are not even wired in yet. I was able to prove with an IR temp sensor that the outlet temps are 20F lower than the inlet temps of the accessory cooler. However this is only of the hoses so I would assume the actual fluid temps are more substantial. I will post pics and all info I can as soon as I get my car back and get some realtime data with the temp sensors wired into my gauge.

I expect to get the car back this week and then wire in the gauge and sensors this weekend. So hopefully by this weekend I can post all the juicy details.