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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post

Do you even know what a continuing resolution is? You obviously don't because you look like a fool using that as a means to "prove" democrat negligence in cutting the state dept's budget. When you find out exactly what a CR is, I'll give you an opportunity come back and change your statement. You're just another know-it-all who thinks he understands how the Federal Government operates, when in-fact, you really have no clue.

You might get away with that non-sense 90% of the time on a car forum where people don't know enough to challenge you, but unfortunately for you in this case, you just got exposed.
The 2 marines that were killed were told 3 separate times to not help the ambassador when they knew he was under attack. After being denied the third time, the Marines went in anyway knowing that no help would come for them as the Obama administration had ordered no interference as they watched in the war room of the white house. The marines went in knowing that they were risking their careers and also their lives.

They ultimately paid with their lives because the Obama administration would not send in help during the 7 hour firefight. The decision to blatantly ignore the ambassador's requests over the previous months for increased security was completely within the control of the administration. The decision to not send help was made by Obama and his administration. They watched as our men were slaughtered. They repeatedly phoned for help which fell on cold ears in the White House.

Do not blame this on anyone else but Obama and the administration he put in place. If this happened under Bush, he would already be impeached. This is a major scandal not only because of the refusal to help our fellow dying Americans but because the administration has repeatedly changed their story in an effort to cover up the events. Coverups have nothing to do with budget cuts. This a a tragedy and the blood is on Obama's hands just as the blood of our citizens who died from guns in the fast and furious scandal are on the hand of eric holder and obama.

Again, if either of these scandals happened under Bush it would be nonstop news calling for his resignation. MSNBC has covered the Bengazi story less than 8 times and has covered the fast and furious scandal less than 5.