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Validating my E90 (HIFI) audio upgrade plan

I have been reading many of the topics on this forum and I am planning to start the audio upgrade as a DIY within 1-2 weeks. I have still a couple of questions for which I hope I would find the answers within this thread.

So, I will start from an E90 (2009 model) with HIFI audio and I have planned the following:
1. Amp upgrade to JL XD 600/6. The amp will power the front speakers, under seat woofers, rear deck speakers.
2. Front speakers/tweeters to Morel Hybrid 402 (the 2012 model which replaces Morel Hybrid Ovation II).
3. Under seat woofers to SWS 8 - at this point I still don't know if I should get SWS 8x (4-ohm version) of SWS 8xi (2-ohm version).

I am NOT planning to add any sub in trunk or perform any further upgrades. The above upgrades include also acquiring the relevant harnesses/spacers/adapter rings for the amp/speakers/woofers.

Coming back to the list of questions I have:

Q1: Given the above setup which SWS would be better for the under seat woofers: SWS 8x or SWS 8xi ?
As a side note: on the multiple threads on this forum I still could not find a definitive answer. The woofers will have two dedicated channels from the JL XD 600/6. The Morels are 4 ohms if it matters to the woofers choice.
Q2: Any suggestions or lesson learned which I should take into consideration? Any issues you ran into while doing a similar upgrade as a DIY?

I appreciate your answers and advices!