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LCI e90 DRL problem...

Hey guys. I was looking to replace the yellowish bulbs of my corona rings for a whiter look to better much my HIDs but didn't want to break the bank. I accepted the fact that the cheaper options wouldn't get me crazy bright quality, but I didn't really want that. I just wanted about the brightness of the original bulbs, but whiter.

I bought these for Khoalty. -

Got them delivered, put them in, and the color is just about what I wanted minus a bit, but what can you expect for 8 bucks. What I didn't expect was the drl out warnings I'm getting. The warnings will always be on, but the bulbs will work intermittently. They seem to always work when I just have the parking lights on, even sometimes not even giving me the warnings. As soon as the voltage changes when I turn on the headlights, I get the warnings. And sometimes they'll just not turn on all together. The DRL, not the headlights. Whats the deal? Their not HIDs or anything. They're exactly the same as what they are replacing, H8 bulbs, just a different color. Can anyone help here? Am I supposed to reset something? Thanks.