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Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
I still don't know how these two cars are compared. Aside from the Civic being newer, all aspects of your 325i is superior compared to your Civic. Without question.

But then again, some people might want to drive a Civic over an e90
I never owned a asian car but all american, and it was great to just go to a place like sears and get an oil change and not have to worry about the car. People will compare any car. Honda people will argue sometimes also that just do some suspension work and your in a happy medium without getting a bmw.

Look at the new accord. Get the coupe, it's got 270 hp and you can get it fully loaded for like 30k. You have to go fully loaded to fully loaded. And it's known for bulletproof reliablity. That's always tempting to buyers. Spent 30k for a fully loaded car that it's too slow, or 50k on a bmw for a little more speed and handling and less reliability. That extra speed and handing isnt worth 20k to alot of people.

I have a friend who just got a 2009 328i coupe and he's drooling over the new accord. He came from an 18 year old integra before this. If the BMW would last people those types or years, with let's say a little more maintenance, it wouldn't even be a competition.