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Originally Posted by mike1973 View Post
Hi all,

I finally retrofitted the xenon (OEM headlights, OEM levellers, OEM washers, OEM Harness) and connected all wires to FRM module and Xenon lights.

Programmed the VO (added $522 and $502) and reverted CAS and FRM to stock using SG_Codiern.

No errors on car howerver can get the bi-xenon activated (only have halogen inner as highnbeam) the FRM module after adding VO and revertting to stock only only has:

wert_1 instead of;

What did I fo wrong?
Sorry for the late reply. I havent been on the forum in ages. It sounds to me like you have forgotten to reset the FRM submodule after coding the VO $522. You have to reset the submodule, so the OBC takes the VO and makes the new FRM submodule for you instead of using the old FRM. It's been a while since I've had to code my car, but when I first did it, I had the same issue. Then I realized what I had forgotten to do and re-did the whole process. You will unfortunately have to redo all your FRM fixes.

By the way, I coded one full year ago, and I still have not had any headlight errors whatsoever. Still going strong!