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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post

Do you even know what a continuing resolution is? You obviously don't because you look like a fool using that as a means to "prove" democrat negligence in cutting the state dept's budget. When you find out exactly what a CR is, I'll give you an opportunity come back and change your statement. You're just another know-it-all who thinks he understands how the Federal Government operates, when in-fact, you really have no clue.

You might get away with that non-sense 90% of the time on a car forum where people don't know enough to challenge you, but unfortunately for you in this case, you just got exposed.
I love the debate that is light on facts but on heavy on insinuation as if you think you won something.

Did you read the CR? Obviously not. The funding was to stay either at current levels or lower from the last appropriations. That more Democrats voted for it than Republicans is EXACTLY the point I made to refute Xbook's faulty premise that Republicans voted to defund the State Department's request for Security.

And since you like to deflect the argument, stick to what's germane. The State dept. official testified under oath that the budget had ZERO impact on security decisions for the Embassies/Consulates.

Facts suck for you don't they?
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