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Originally Posted by Alpine328 View Post
I checked for codes using the stalk...says everything is fine. Would this require BMW service checking the computer??
A couple of months ago my car entered full-blown limp mode during an extended highway drive. I feared HPFP failure (despite having N55). However, it displayed no warning lights of any kind and nothing could be seen through the stalk menu. Next morning the problem cleared by itself.

It took it to a dealer two days later. Thy said that they found failure codes stored in the computer. They replaced my mass airflow sensor under warranty.

So, if you are sure that the car behaved improperly, it might make sense to take it to the dealer. However, I remember that the "unexplained engine shut off while coasting" problem has been reported here before and, if memory serves, it didn't usually leave any codes in the computer. I don't know whether your issue is related.

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