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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
The state government charges the state to maintain services that it provides for the state.
They are available to you whenever you need them.
If you don't pay, you get the stick.

You also don't get anything from the insurance company unless you need their help.
But you're still paying all the time.
You pay for 'availability' of service, not service.
And if you don't pay, you get booted off.

Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness applies to women too.
You don't get to take another person's freedom to make them work for you.
That's big government if there ever was any, and it's the government getting into personal/family matters.
Conservatives are against big government, and government running your personal life.

People are complex machines.
They take time to build.
You don't have a person because you started making one.
You simply have a person in progress.

Some people say there's 'potential' there that needs to be preserved.
But I say that I had the 'potential' to be an astronaut.
My obituary isn't gonna say that "we lost an astronaut", it's gonna say "some a-hole died".
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda ... doesn't matter what you could have done.

Life at conception is a religious view, stemming from a canonical need to multiply, and the concept of a soul.
It's not a "conservative" value.

Liberals tend to favor the rights of the living over the rights of the yet to be around. Go figure.

Personally, to me, life is intelligence.

As a species, we as a group have differentiated ourselves from other "animals" by our judgment that our "intelligence" is above some threshold.
Personally, I don't see a 'glob' in someone's stomach as intelligent, so to me, it's not a person - yet.

I prefer to focus on the intelligent 'person' that's alive, and fully conscious of her state of being in society, and the world in general.
I wouldn't sacrifice a 'persons' freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and turn her into a state controlled incubator - for the mere satisfaction of other 'persons' - who have no domain in the matter to begin with.

I wasn't speaking about conception. I was talking about a 6, 7, 8 month old that can live and breath on its own. How can you justify aborting that? if you removed the child from the mother at that point in time it will live. Its not someithing "in progress". Its already a living human.