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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
^ have you driven an e90 with fsd's? I see you keep recommending them. I had em for 2 yrs. they're nice but crash through their stroke and provide minimal damping if you hit a sharp bump or pothole hard.
Op- as others said, save your money. That m3 brace won't do a thing for your handling. Dampers and springs will.

Only occasionally. Seemed light years better than stock w/Potenzas. OTOH, many things do.

Had pothole explosions with stock suspension & non-runflats, but noticeably less than w/RFT's.

Then installed yellows w/linear springs; haven't had a pothole explosion since. Firmer, but very good.

So, yeah, I recommend FSD's as a first mod, opposed to stock, especially with 'sport' suspension or, prob better, BMW Performance springs, thinking many drivers want to go with bang for buck. There are many higher performance setups.