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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
If you want to make a law mandating that all abortions at that late of a term are c-sections, and the child becomes a ward of the state, then have at it.
If you want the state to require the kid, then lets have the state raise the kid.
If you want to make it your business, then step up.
It's easy to demand someone else to do something when you'll never have to get your own hands dirty.

Apart from that, it's still not any more intelligent than a lot of creatures we don't give a damn about.

Same goes for a rat.
Not many tears shed over them.

Equating a human to a rat is nonsense. The question isn't who will raise the kid. It is more fundamental than that. The question is whether or not abortion constitutes the denial of a constitutional right.

When a baby is 8 months old and can live and breath on its own, do you support the ability to abort that baby? To bring intelligence into the equation is also nonsensical. Humanity is not based on a certain level of intelligence. Many severally mentally handicapped individuals exist as citizens but killing them is illegal.

As soon as a baby is "born" it would be murder to kill it as well. Intelligence is not taken into account. You're argument is flawed because you assume that raising the child is the point of contention. That is not the issue with abortion. It is the denial of a constitutional right to life.

Furthermore, suggesting it is anyone's "business" is intellectually bare. Enforcing the law of this country is not something that people do because its their "business". They do it because it is our responsibility to make sure our rights are intact.

The right to life is the most basic of human rights. To deny the right to life in favor of the right to kill is not constitutional. A right to kill does not exist. Furthermore, If a baby can survive at 8 months, it is a human. However, it is still currently legal to kill that baby. This makes no sense.