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Condensed Version..

It is true the recession started in June 2007 and ended officially in June of 2009. 6 months after Obama took office. However the job creation remained anemic, the growth rate was under 2%.... WHAT HAPPENED? Every other time we would always come roaring back from previous recessions?

What happened was that as the disease was cured (recession) the cure backfired and caused side effects which are keeping our economy under wraps even today.

And that side effect is called by economists the "debt implosion cycle" which happens every fifty or sixty years. 1760, 1840's, 1890's, 1930's, and when this happens the debt levels rise to such a point both public and private througout the world that investors and consumers panic and rush for the exits.

This is where Romney's tax cut plan is simply brilliant! It's not really a tax cut in that it will maintain the same amount of tax receivables into the federal government by cutting out many tax deductions. Why will that be effective? Because when you wake up every morning you know you are going to work and the feds will take 1/3 of everyhing you make, under Romney they will take 1/4.

You won't keep 2/3 you will keep 3/4!