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Originally Posted by NiVeDh
Originally Posted by Bamaben
Originally Posted by NiVeDh
That was you? I was a little behind you in the black E90.
I remember you then. I loved seeing your black e90 with those bright AE's! Looked great! You let me in line once on the last time out I think
Hope you had a good time, I definitely did. Unfortunately, my car went into limp mode on the last two sessions - wastegate got stuck open. For the last run, I had to uninstall the Cobb and run my Procede on Map 3 to keep the wastegates open manually. Got passed by everyone but I still had fun with 150 hp!
Yeah, man, that was soooo much fun! Hate you had issues with the turbos. How did the e90 do in the curves? My little e36 328i hung right with the big boys in the curves but not much on top end. They'd be pointing me by but I couldn't pass them. That was frustrating.

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