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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
Well... lets not get hasty... ~12 psi is crazy

modify the ECU; no warranty buddy. Regardless how much PSI you put through it. Might as well and enjoy the car Go S1 agg, Just Saying. if you have access to 93 and or 91 with 3 gallons of E85. S1 Sport and Agg. are still very conservative and you are in good hands. take it out for a spin on a nice dry weekend. two days isn't going to hurt your car, go back to S1 Drive, but at least try it.
oh no, I know im not warranties with it. Saying the power pack still keeps warranty, so BMW must think its safe. So I want to go with that. I have used stage 1 agg, I want the car to last me a good number of years and not have to worry about the extra maintinence of changing spark plugs more then normal and intake cleaning. Not saying its not fun, its just not me.