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I'd like to provide my input as I think it may help some of you. I came to this forum because my 2006 E90 330i (manual transmission) was not turning over as well as it once was and I thought the battery was beginning to go. One day a couple of weeks ago (as it is getting colder) I noticed that the rear defogger/de-icer was not working. I also was encountering problems with the HVAC fan speed. I lost the fastest three speeds and it also began to sporadically change speeds, especially when I was slowing for a stop sign or red light. Trying to gain information to help me address it, I began at the beginning of these posts an was trying to decide whether I should replace the battery myself and gamble on the registration or if I should suck it up, go to the dealer, cough up the dough, and hope the battery would solve the other two issues, thus being money (very) well spent. Then I read post #118. After that, I decided to go to the local dealership and have them install and register a new battery. It cost about $350. While waiting for it this past Saturday morning, I sat in a comfortable waiting area and next to the show room with the new Lime Rock Edition M3 and the new M5, among other awesome cars. After a couple of hours, I paid and left. When I got in the car the first thing I checked was the HVAC blower. It worked perfectly. I cannot say that I have tried the rear defogger yet because I haven't needed to but I am confident it will work fine. When you think about trying to save maybe $200 to do this one yourself and then you think about the cost of all the other maintenance, let alone tires, for this car, I personally conclude it was money very well spent. To me spending money on maintenance feels much better than spending money on repairs.