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Originally Posted by W///
Originally Posted by GMW View Post
2013 Estori Blue ll f31 M sport pack 6MT 335d wagon for me please...
Here's to hoping!
There's no such thing as a 335d MT. It just won't happen. Besides, everyone that is hoping for a 6MT, have you guys ever driven a diesel with MT? Really not that fantastic
An 8spd AT hooked up to an I6 diesel is the perfect garage mate to my M3.

Good call on the Estoril. Man, I'm getting excited about this car!

I've driven a few diesel Jetta w/ m/t one was modified although still not as much performance as the 335d... Point is diesels w/ a m/t aren't all that fun to drive because the power band is so narrow.

Like it was mentioned before it would take a heavy duty clutch to handle the torque. Most people wouldn't be able to operate it comfortably.

I'm very happy with my 335d although I wouldn't mind having the 8spd for even better mpg's.