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brad bedell

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N54 in a factory DME stand alone configuration

I'm bouncing around a project now that my V8 IS300 sportcross is sold. I *REALLY* like my N54 engine in the 335i... So I'm thinking 'why not?'

If I were wanting the N54 to run in a 'stand alone' mode using the factory DME. What would it take electronically? DME, throttle pedal, related fuel items (HPFP and LPFP)?

I assume EWS or immobilizer disable **Edit, looks like it's called a CAS now** or at least transfer the key/antenna to the new chassis. The largest issue there would be getting the BUS to talk without all the missing components. I know there are some bus pass through blocks for after-market stereos, I'd assume the right combo of rigging there would get it to work. Of course, ideally, I'd like to turn off the EWS and leave the canbus out of the equation. Though, now that I think of it. The DME didn't have a fiber wire connected to it when I installed the Procede in my car. If canbus/EWS was attached, it was copper.

I've done several 'technically complicated' swaps in the past. I've been called crazy for going about things the hard way more times than I can count. My fabrication skills are up to this project. In fact, the fabrication part will be easy. I know it will be the complex computer systems that will be the main challenge. Especially with BMW being pretty tight with their information. Although, BMW planet does seem to have a pretty solid copy of the WDS online which will get me started on the project map quite nicely.

I would buy a totaled car from a salvage auction to start this project. Ideally, one that the rear was smashed, but the front was in tact. 4-6k gets a badly wrecked car. That way, I could avoid the nickel & dime stuff that usually kills a project.

I've not turned up much with the N54 in other applications with my google searches. (likely for good reason) Does anyone know of a swap project that's ongoing/etc? How about a tuner who has hacked the DME enough to turn a bunch of stuff off? I have used the search feature, so if I'm overlooking something that's been posted 2.2 million times, please kindly point me toward the correct search terms.

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