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kaigoss and ctuna, yes, I do agree very much with your points, and thanks for sharing! I'd perhaps like to clarify that I was by no means suggesting that the Jehnerts were the 'best sounding' option. I was indeed considering the new Morel Virtus, which VP Electricity had suggested at the beginning of the thread. After thinking a lot though, I figured that if I got a set of Morels, I'd probably pair them with the XE200 underseats, and not the SWS-8 as initially planned. Unfortunately, this would probably cost me more than the Flatlines, not to mention having to fabricate my own adapter rings as well. I'm absolutely looking forward to upgrading my system, but at the same time I also can't bring myself to do it at too much of an expense (My car's maturing in age and my wallet might start to empty itself more frequently now, if you get what I mean! ) That train of thought then led me to the Flatlines, which cost less, all things considered, and also came with the necessary parts to adapt the speakers to the car mounts. I guess when I said 'tuned system', I meant that the crossover included in the Flatline was designed to work with the drivers provided as part of the kit, as in crossing the frequencies at the optimum points with respect to those drivers, so apologies if I had not phrased that with the correct terminology.

One thing I do wish I could do is to actually hear for myself what these systems sound like. Unfortunately for where I'm located, there's not much in way of car audio specialists or group meets.

But yes, I'm still considering the many options, including mixing and matching components, and seeing what will work out to be the optimal choice!