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Going insane trying to figure out my new winter wheels

Hi everyone. I am going insane with a new winter wheel setup so if you can help that would be great.

So I drive a 2009 BMW 335i Xdrive with Sport Package running OEM 18's. I didn't want 18's for winter so I shopped around for 17's. I went to my local tire store and bought these

They didn't fit so they got me ones with offset of +18 and put them on Blizzak WS70 225/45/R17. So since then I have steering wheel vibrations at highway speeds. They have rebalanced them three times to no effect, put on hub centric rings even though according to the link that the bore size should match BMW. Since they didn't have a road force balance I took it to another shop and they balanced them and they were off by 2oz. They said the new wheels were not bent and the tires are fine.

So could the fact that the hub centric rings are still on be causing the problem??? I am about to return these wheels because I have been to the service shop more than SEVEN times now.