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Originally Posted by Richurd View Post
Having Msport don't mean you have a real LSD. You don't have the locking diff but you have an electronic controlled one. Only real LSD is aftermarket.
I tried driving with the OEM tires in the snow, it is not worth it. And I have a quaife LSD.
An real LSD is a mixed blessing in the snow. You will initially have better traction, so it is somewhat less likely that you will get stuck. But the downside is that once you are moving along, if you exceed the available traction BOTH tires will spin, and you will lose directional control. With an open diff only one wheel will spin so you still have one rudder in the water, so to speak. BTDT with e30s and e28s.

Volvo had the BEST winter driving solution in the late 940s, an autolocking diff. If one wheel spun the diff locked solid, but only up to ~20mph, when it would automatically unlock. So you could get going, but not lose directional control.

As to the OP - don't be stupid man, get snow tires! Remember, in most cases snow tires are cheaper than your insurance deductible.
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