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$$[Masters, please help me about headlight issues...]

i got DEPO headlight housing which it is after market stuff.

06 325XI pre LCI did not have Angel Eyes so i changed.

i did research pretty much but still didn't figure out those...

if anyone share some knowledge on this, i will be very appreciated

Q1. i am having H7 6000K bulbs lowbeams now and thinking to change 4300k or 5000k. if 4300k is not much brighter than 5000k, i am thinking go with 5000k, but the main purpose is making my night sight brighter... which one should i go?

Q2. i want to change fog light to HID, the ballast that i am using for lowbeam now, can i use those for fog light as well? if it is possible,how about the bulbs for the fog light then?

Q3. what specific ballast and light bulbs are best for Q1?? once again for making night drive view brightest... btw no 55W...only 35W...because of damage issue with 55...

Q4. if i change ballast and lightbulbs for lowbeam then how about the Angel Eyes rings?? it changes too??

i am very sorry for asking too much in one time and noob questions, i am very new on this and need to solve this issue as soon as possible, because i drive at night very much...

also i did research spent many hours but couldn't get clear answer but much confusion...

Masters,,please share your knowledge