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Well my insurance company is Nationwide. I called their 1-800 # to make my claim because I didn't know that I had the option of not involving my insurance company. Like i said, this is my first accident, I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I just assumed that your supposed to call your insurance company anytime your involved in an accident, whether its your fault or not. Even the police officer told me to contact my insurance company. I still haven't received any calls from my personal insurance agent. I don't even know if she knows that I was involved in an accident. The lady that did contact me was calling from another city about 2 hours away. The guy who hit me, had insurance through Liberty Mutual but he couldn't come up with any valid proof of insurance. He produced an insurance card but it was expired, and he tried to call his insurance company to speak to the officer to prove his insurance was valid but it was after hours on a weekend so no one was answering the call, so the police officer just typed up all his info and gave it to me and told me I was free to leave and he would stay with the guy until everything was figured out so I left. I don't know if he was given a ticket or not. Liberty Mutual has not contacted me either.

So, is it too late to stop the process of going through my insurance?

Should I go to my local Nationwide office and speak to my insurance agent since she hasn't contacted me at all?

When I go to meet with the adjustor, should I bring in estimates from other body shops so they don't try to low ball me?