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Originally Posted by KUSH View Post
Give it a bit of time mine took about 1500 kms to settle in & I could feel the power difference. You could also disconect your battery negative terminal for about 15 mins to reset the computer this may help reset the values of the computer. Giving it a bit of a caneing will do it some good as well helps clear out amy cobwebs stay in 3rd & 4th gear keep the revs over 4500 rpm or more . This motor loves to rev
Thanks, will see how it goes. Never thought about doing the throttle pedal reset again or battery disconnecting - can give that a go and see. As for letting rip with running the engine at higher revs, I have definitely given the engine some high revs so one would think that any cobwebs have long since been blown out and don't have chance to settle. But then again, this thing has so much reserve power overall that it tends to sit mostly at lower revs under moderate throttle conditions, otherwise you would be breaking the rules of the road all the time!

Please keep us updated with the DISA flap replacement and how it goes. I am seriously considering pulling the DISA 1 motor out to inspect, but not really sure what all to look out for and how to "test" it since it is motorised to begin with.

Something else I should maybe do is take the car to a tuning place with a dyno and see if they will allow me to run the car under the conditions to replicate the noise and try to pinpoint where it is coming from - surely if it is the DISA flaps you would be able to narrow down to the general location...
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