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Originally Posted by kahoho1
I have a 335 with Cobb stage 2+ aggressive. I sometimes have cyl 2 misfire issue at WOT so I suspect its the cyl 2 faulty ignition coil. Im thinking if I should just replace the faulty coil or replacing all the coils at once as I heard once a coil fails, the other coils will fail soon. I have 68k miiles on my car and replaced spark plugs once at 43k and done walnut blasting at 67k. How long do the ignition coils last on a 335? Do you guys recommend me to replace just the faulty coil and wait until the others fail?
I had one fail at 51k, just replaced that one and not 500 miles later another one failed so I replaced the remaining 5 and haven't had any issue in 5k miles.