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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19
excuse my ignorance but what are pros and cons of diesel over regular gasoline?
Take the U.S. 335d for example:

*425 lb-ft of Torque from a 3.0L inline 6
(The passing ability of this car is sick.)
*0-60mph: 5.3s
*It will also return over 40mpg on the highway. (I have personally gone 600 miles from Alabama to Texas without refueling for 40.85mpg. Others on this forum have gone further for even better mpg)

I have owned both the 335i and d and much prefer the d for its excellent mix of power and fuel efficiency. Also with all that torque it's more fun to drive too. Diesel prices can exceed premium gasoline depending where you live. Right now it's priced with mid grade where I live which is nice. Some people prefer a high revving gasoline engine, so to each their own.