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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
I mean like WTF ???? I cant believe that.
Just like they say it doesn't effect cars before 2008, when what they mean is that it does effect them, but as they are over 5 years old, they are too old / worthless to bother updating!

They say it doesn't effect post 2011 models, but the online vendors of these key programmers claim they still work on all new models, so we'll see. Brand new 1M coupes have been filmed being nicked and they are after the cut off.

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I have asked many BMW techs in Germany and States. None of them have 'explanation' as what does it actually do.
I'm sure its a UK-only fix in the UK. They only dreamt it up after watchdog, so I'm sure its not being driven by BMW AG.

When there's a class action lawsuit in the US then well see BMW getting reamed over it and 'magic' up a proper fix (for the US only of course) just like N54 fuel pumps.
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